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The small print . . 

We all hate the small print stuff, so we have started by not making it small at all. But as we progress with our plan things crop up which we need to inform you of. The small print in time will all be in some form of order - and hopefully there won't be too much of it.

Where we can't deliver to!

Our food is chilled and will arrive really fresh, this means we need to get it to you the day after we cooked it. Unfortunately there are some places where we can't get a guaranteed next day delivery - only a few but we have already had a few issues with this!
In short we are unable to take orders from Northern Ireland or rural Scotland. 
We are really sorry but we can't risk food arriving to you late - if you think this may be you - email with your post code and we will tell you if you are affected.
It costs us around £13 to get our meals to you. That's the cost to us of the case, the packaging, the coolant and the delivery. So we need to be sensible about the orders we deliver for free, and we have decided that any order over £45 will be delivered at no cost to you.
We need you to contribute to any smaller orders and this is our shipping scale . . . .
Over £45 free.
£39.99 - £44.99          £5
£34.99  -  £39.99        £10
£30.00   -  £34.99       £15
£29.99 and below      £20
Our Packaging Situation.

We started The Aubergine Kitchen to promote, encourage and help facilitate the reduction of meat consumed in the UK. Like so many we are hugely upset and dismayed at animal farming in the UK and around the world, so we launched Aubergine Kitchen to make plant based meals more convenient for those who needed convenience.

It became clear quite quickly that the only real negative issue with what we were doing would be the packaging we generated and it was obvious to us that there is no point in saving animals if by doing so you're helping to wreck the planet.

We have just changed our outer cases and insulation. They were previously polystyrene and will soon all be recycled and recyclable paper.

We need to protect our meal boxes and are looking at paper bubble wrap which is perfect apart from it smells when it gets damp!

The plastic meal tubs are recyclable but we all know plastic is evil. The problem is that the realisation that plastic is wrong is relatively recent and the development of new packaging products is a long term project. Manufacturers and suppliers are now looking into a solution in earnest and eco friendly solutions will come, but they are not here now.

We chose to send our meals chilled, not frozen, and that means the meal boxes need to be strong. Frozen meals can be distributed in newspaper without causing much harm!

So we are on the case and we are always looking for ways to make what we do more earth friendly!